April 2021 Tip

    April is a great time to think about the planet. There are countless ways to go a little greener. In Somers we are lucky enough that there is a Litter Tasks Force run entirely by volunteers. While they have just held their Spring town wide litter clean up weekend, (perhaps you’ve seen the telltale orange garbage bags waiting to be picked up) its not too late to do your part. More orange litter bags can be distributed to any family or individual who wants to get outside and do their part. It only takes one hour of your time to make a big difference. 
    Studies show that individuals are more likely to litter in an area that is already littered and conversely, less likely to do so if there is no litter around.  
    Litter along the roads and in wooded areas, neighborhoods etc can get blown and or washed into rivers, streams etc. 
    If you are interested in helping to clean up the unsightly litter in your area of town and need bags please reach out to: Christine Zimbelmann at tinezdt@aol.com.

    February 2021 Tip

    Set your home printer to print on double sided mode. This simple adjustment can save an enormous amount of paper. Teach and remind all family members to do this as well.

    January 2021 Tip

    Happy New Year.

    We are all spending more time at home these days. Days are short and we are all turning the lights on in our homes at 4 PM!!!

    Heres a tip: If you haven’t already done so consider switching to LED light bulbs. They last longer than conventional light bulbs and are more efficient too. This means you will be using less power and replacing the bulbs less often. They are available in a range of brightnesses and designs.

    November 2020 Tip

    Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and friends. It is also a wonderful time to celebrate and appreciate the environment and all it provides for us. Consider this notion as you prepare for your Thanksgiving holiday. Try to feast on local, seasonal foods. Fruits and vegetables in season now do not need to be trucked around the country. Some domestically grown produce travels an average of 1,500 miles before it is sold. Buying locally can help reduce the pollution and energy use associated with transporting, storing and refrigerating food. Local foods often taste better and can be more nutritious since they haven’t been sitting around in a warehouse. Why not serve a feast of local produce, fruits, meats and baked goods etc this Thanksgiving. For a list of local farmers markets go to www.ams.usda.gov. or patronize one of the many farms/farm stands in our Somers Central School District area.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    October 2020 Tip 

    It's that time of year again when we are packing more lunches. Maybe you find yourself wondering about plastic bag recycling…
    While plastic bags cannot go into your curb side pick up bin many are accepted at local grocery and chain stores such as Target or Walmart etc.
    Look for a large bin in the lobby or from of the store or near the can/bottle recycling center.
    Here’s what you need to know:
    Plastic shopping bags
    Food packing/zip lock bags
    Bread bags
    Produce bags
    Dry cleaning bags
    Plastic newspaper bags
    Product wrapping (such as covers for cases of water etc) 
    Bubble wrap and air pillows (have fun popping them first) 
    Plastic shipping envelopes (remove labels) 
    Clean and dry, these items can be placed in collection bins.
    Other plastics such as frozen food bags, pre-washed salad bags, chip bags etc must go in the trash.
    Please make a commitment to clean and dry the items from the first list to your local store and don’t throw them in the trash. It only takes a few moments and can make a big difference.