Snack in First Grade

  • Snack will be eaten every morning (including half days) in our classroom! It is important that your child has a helathy and nourishing snack to be eaten every day. This helps keep your child's brain and body focused for all of the great learning they will be doing all day long! 

    Their daily snack should be something nutritious such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, pretzels, granola bar, etc. We all love a good sweet treat, but please save those for home! 

    Please place your child's snack in a separate bag from their lunch and label it with your child's name and "snack" so that it is easily distignuished from their lunch items!

    Your child is also encouraged to bring a water bottle daily! This bottle will be traveling to school in their backpack alongside their iPad and therefore I ask that you please place the water bottle in a reusable sealed gallon bag labeled with your child's name or have your child carry their water bottle on the outside of their backpack. This will hopefully reduce the risk of damage to any materials inside the backpack! The bag will be sent back daily with the water bottle so that it may be reused!

    If you have an questions feel free to email me at