All About Lunch 2020

    Primrose students will begin FULL days of school on Friday September 11, 2020.  We will be eating lunch in the classroom this year, and your child may bring lunch from home, or purchase it at school.  

    If you'd like your child to purchase lunch, please set up a "My School Bucks" account beforehand. You can do this at http://www.myschoolbucks.com .  Your child will not need to bring money to school to purchase lunch. The account works on a debit system, and an email will let you know when/if you need to replenish the account.  

    A monthly lunch menu will be available on the Primrose website.  You can access the lunch menu under Quick Links. If your child is going to buy lunch on any given day, please fill out one of my lunch slips (I will send some home to you the first week of school) and tape it in your child’s homework folder each day that your child will be buying.  We will place the lunch order for your child in the morning, and it will be delivered to our classroom at lunchtime.  

    When your child is bringing lunch, please pack a healthy lunch in a separate bag from snack. This helps your child feel independent, and also helps us to make sure lunch isn’t eaten at morning snack time! You may choose to send in a drink with lunch, or your child can drink from his/her water bottle, which you will send in each day.