All About Snack

  • Snack Time! 

    Each morning after special, we will take a short break (10 minutes or so) to eat a quick snack in our classroom or outside if it's nice.  

    Please send your child to school with a healthy and NUT-FREE snack that will help sustain energy and attention throughout our day! Please send snack every day (including half days) in a separate bag from lunch.  Please label the bag with your child’s name and “snack”.  Since we will try to go outside for snack as much as possible, please think about packing items that are easy for your child to eat "picnic style".

    Some ideas... 

    • Fresh fruit 
    • Granola bars  
    • Cheese sticks 
    • Cheese and crackers 
    • Yogurt (with spoon if necessary) 
    • Crunchy veggies and hummus/dip 
    • Applesauce (with spoon if needed) 
    • Water bottle* (no juice or sports drinks in the classroom, please) 
    • Please keep candy and other sweets/treats at home-thank you for understanding, and helping us to encourage healthy habits! 


    *Water bottle: Please label your child’s water bottle and send it in daily (we love the reusable type)!  Since it will travel in your child’s backpack WITH the iPad, please place it in a gallon size zipper-top bag, labeled with your child’s name.  Spills happen, and hopefully a bag will reduce the risk of damaging the iPad and books! We will make sure your child puts the water bottle back in the bag each day so that it can be reused over and over.  


    Please take time over the next few weeks to help your child practice opening and closing containers/snack items/water bottles.  Of course we are there to help, but encouraging independence and limiting the amount of people touching your child’s food items are our goals!