The Whole Child Community Coalition was established in November, 2014.   It is comprised of community members (representing Town Council, Parks & Rec, Fire & Police, Heritage Hills residents, Rotary, Lions), PTA representative(s), SEF representative(s), administrators, faculty/staff, and students. 

    October 16, 2019

    Welcome to our 2019/20 school year!

    The SCSD vision continues to focus on three over-arching areas targeted on the Whole Child - 21st Century Skills, Social/Emotional/Physical Wellness, and Global Citizenship.  The Whole Child Community Coalition is a group that was formed to share initiatives that develop students who are emotionally and physically healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.  While certainly the challenges that youth face today cannot be solely addressed by school, I believe if we, as a community, have a collaborative conversation that involves supporting our youth, then we, as the Somers Community, can make a positive difference. During this year, we will discuss the educational equity work and social/emotional curriculum that are goals of the district success plan.  At our first meeting, we’ll discuss the Zones of Regulation and DBT-A with Phil Kavanagh and Wil Siegel who are co-managing the project..

    I invite you to continue as a member of the Coalition or become one.  We encourage community members to be a part of this Coalition and ask that you bring anyone that you feel may have an interest.  The role of the Coalition is to understand current initiatives in the district and explore potential future actions in the school district and how our work may connect with the greater Somers community.  As our slogan says, we are committed to creating Caring Communities, Caring Schools, Caring Relationships.  Our meeting schedule is as follows and will convene from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at Somers Middle School, Conference Room 246. 

    • November 20, 2019
    • February 26, 2020 (Snow Date: 28, 2020)
    • May 27, 2020

    I look forward to partnering with you as we seek to educate the Whole Child.  Please contact Nancy Corrado at ncorrado@somersschools.org to confirm your participation for the first meeting of November 20th.  Reminders will be sent prior to future meetings. 



    Dr. Raymond H. Blanch