June 9, 2020

    Dear Reentry Coalition Member,

    I appreciate you offering your knowledge, time, and commitment to the reopening of school in the fall.  As a collective group, we have a great deal of work that must be accomplished. To best ensure we can leverage the expertise of all involved, we have broken down the members of the group into sub-committees and breakout groups when warranted.  Please see the details below to determine the administrator that is running point on the team you have been assigned to. 

    Our kickoff meeting, Wednesday 6.10.20 at 5:00pm, will be followed with an email and a Zoom invitation to your first sub-committee meeting.  At these meetings, the specific goal of each group will be discussed and reviewed.  Furthermore, the team will identify future meeting times, process for sharing agendas and meeting highlights and the first steps to be taken. 

    Thank you once again for your commitment to the community and the children of Somers. 




    Guiding Committee:

    PTA Representative: Jessica Frey

    Town Representative: Tom Garrity

    Community Representative: Bob Ondrovic

    Faculty: Steve Carroll

    Administration:  Dr. Blanch, Ken Crowley, Stacey Elconin, Matt Carr, and Kevin Guidotti 

    BoE:  Dr. Lindsay Portnoy, Dr. Ifay Chang, and Heidi Cambareri

    SCSD Communications Coordinator:  Amanda Bergen  


    Sub-Committees -

    Academic Elementary:

    Distance Learning-Best Practices:  Kevin Guidotti and Claire Comerford

    Administration:  Liz Turner and Meg Benedetto

    Faculty/Staff:  Allison Quincoses, Stacey Lockard and Denise Donnelly

    Parent/Community:  Laura Panebianco, Amanda Casabona-Cohen, Maura Coolican, Richard Bourque, and Thomasine Mastrantoni


    Scheduling: Stacey Elconin  

    Administration: Katie Winter and Linda Belger

    Faculty/Staff: Meghan Gioffe

    Parents/Community: Jennifer Picco, Rosalind Gallino, Alison Kan and Alexandria Semenza


    Special Services: Stacey Elconin

    Administration:  Kim Morrisey

    Faculty/Staff:  Lynn Stepkoski

    Parent/Community:  Amanda Kandel, Randi Mifsud, and Lisa Mayfield


    Academic Secondary:

    Distance Learning-Best Practices:  Kevin Guidotti and Claire Comerford

    Administration:  Mark Bayer

    Faculty/Staff: Joe Benedetto, Mary Ellen Klock, Mary McEwan, and Dawn Stanczuk, Terry Reynolds

    Parent/Community: Colleen Olifiers, Jennifer Newman, and Frank DeLuca 

    Student(s): TBD

    Scheduling: Stacey Elconin  

    Administration: Pete Rodrigues and Jeff Getman

    Faculty/Staff: Michael Cleary and Angela Holder

    Parent/Community: Pam Roden

    Special Services: Stacey Elconin

    Administration: Wil Siegel

    Faculty/Staff: Alex Fry, Brenda O'Shea, and Terry Panetta

    Parent/Community: Niki Mullins, Beth Naber



    Matt Carr: Director of Human Resources and Student Services 

    Roman Catalino: Director of Athletics

    Faculty:  Marc Hattem, Jesse Arnett, Vinny DeGregorio, Debbie Daly, Kevin Mallon, and Cheryl Rinaldi

    Student Athletic Leadership Council Members: Danny Curran and Gabby Parisi

    Parent/Community: Megan Kreinen, Renee Zampaglione, Anthony Solimine, Jay Wright, John Reilly, Tricia Sternberg, Bob Antonucci, and Kevin Marcus



    Ken Crowley: Assistant Superintendent of Business

    Chris Platania: Business Administrator

    Parent/Community: Michelle Sanz, Marisa Demeo, Michelle Wilke, and Kim Horowitz, Ken Mitchell



    Matt Carr: Director of Human Resources and Student Services

    District Physician: Dr. Levine

    Faculty: Dean Schuler and MaryAnn Castro

    Parent/Community: Lee Marcus, Sara Rizzuto-Steinberg, Keeva Young-Wright, Renee Sullivan, Julie Carter, Melissa Hershfield, Tom Underkoffler, and Sheila Munoz-DiMella



    Ken Crowley: Assistant Superintendent of Business

    Robert Klick:  Director of Grounds

    Chris Platania: Business Administrator

    Dan Corrado: Coordinator of Safety 

    Faculty/Staff:  John Sheridan and Norma Zeller

    Parent/Community: Tom Gallo, Victoria Fried, James Moriarty, Joe Pizzimenti, Steve Pietropaolo, Gina Arena, David Sullivan, Chad Brenneman, Gil Lopez, Dave Sammel, Diane Lang, Denise Gomez, and Patricia Righetti 


    Professional Learning:

    Kevin Guidotti: Director of Learning

    Claire Comerford: Assistant Director of Learning 

    Faculty: Jenna Schettino, Marianna Breglio, Johanna Yursa, Jake Ringer, Shondra McClary, Julianna Hatjygeorge, Deb Hendrie and Alison Scanlon

    Parent/Community: Yolanda Gambardella, Jennifer De Lisi-Hall, Christine Rascona, Doreen Solomine, Abby Seiden, Jonathan Holub, Jessica Rivkin, Jennifer Coughlin, and Stephen Barankewicz


    Social and Emotional Wellness:

    Stacey Elconin – Director of Special Services 

    Phil Kavanagh – Director of School Counseling and Student Support  

    Will Siegel: Assistant Director of Special Services 

    Faculty: Dawn Kessler, Ellen Bieber, Alex Todorov, Danielle Perrotto, Stefanie Persichilli, Denise Nobile, Todd Currie, Laura Andrade, Robert Ancona, and Jennifer Pirraglia 

    Parent/Community: Midge Miller, Patricia Klein, Marlene Sable, Jill Schantz, Nicole Ciavardini, Kelly Sposito, Sara Frankie, Stephanie Tatto, Christine Zimbelmann, and Kelly Mitchell, Michelle Dellorusso, Lisa Steiner  

    Student Representatives: TBD 



    Kim Blau: Director of Technology  

    James Lanter: Database Manager 


    Parents/Community: Andre Sanz, Jennifer Forsberg, Nancy Armstrong, and Javier Gomez 



    Ken Crowley: Assistant Superintendent of Business

    Nate Spence: Director of Transportation 

    Dan Corrado: Coordinator of Safety 

    Faculty/Staff: Phillip Rizzotti 

    Parent/Community: Chris DiPasquale