For 2020-21, Board of Ed members on this committee are:  Dr. Ifay Chang, Heidi Cambareri and Chadwick Olsen

    Beginning October, 2020, the Committee will meet the third Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m. via Zoom.  Please refer to district calendar for dates and Zoom link.  Meeting agendas and highlights can be found on BoardDocs.



    As the Board’s primary responsibility is to set policy, in an effort to bring up to date the policies of the Board of Education of the Somers Central School District, the Board of Education wishes to establish a Policy Committee.




    The purpose of the Policy Committee is to:

    • Review existing Board policies and regulations to ensure consistency with legal obligations and current educational and operations philosophy of the district.
    • Determine whether changes or modifications are necessary.
    • Consider and evaluate new policies, as suggested by the New York State School Board’s Association, Board members and district’s administration.
    • Research, collaborate and consult with district administration, legal counsel and others.
    • Recommend modifications, additions and deletions to the entire Board.




    The Committee will be comprised of:

    • Two to three Board of Education members. Members may change depending on policy topic and members’ expertise or knowledge in specific area.
    • Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent for Business
    • District Clerk
    • Other administrators depending on policy topic, for example:
    • Director of Learning for instructional and curriculum related policies
    • Director of Special Education for policies related to special services procedures
    • Director of Human Resources for staff related policies