• Hello Studio Art students!

    Click HERE for a comprehensive collection of research resources you can use for your Studio Art research project.paint

    Click HERE for a brief video tutorial about how to navigate these resources.

    If you picked your artist and are not sure where to start, here are some suggestions:

    * Start with Britannica Academics for artist background and additional resources
       (this subcription database will also generate the MLA citation for you!)

         username: SHS

         pw: look

    * Try Google Arts and Culture for information about all art movements. Click HERE for modern art resources.

    * Explore a museum website for works of art and additional resources.

    * Search Artstor, a subscription database, for even more academically sound information about the world of art.

         username: SHS

         pw: look

    As you research, don't forget to use the notetaking template that your art teacher provided. To use online information responsibly, you should always keep track of where each piece of information came from, and you should always keep track of whether the words you are collecting are direct quotes (copied and pasted from a source) or paraphrased (your own words). The notetaking template makes this process simple for you.

    Use mybib.com to create MLA citations if the source doesn't provide it for you.