• Mrs. Lockard’s School Supply List
    1st Grade - Primrose Elementary School
    2 12 count box Ticonderoga #2 sharpened pencils
    2 beveled pink eraser
    1 plastic pencil supply box (approx. 5x8)*
    large glue sticks
    thin dry erase markers (blue or black)
    1 small white board eraser or small clean rag/sock
    blue pocket folder*
    safety scissors
    plastic folder with brags for 3 whole punch*
    1 earbuds (in small plastic bag)*
    For Community Use: Thank you!!!
    1 pack of Twistables Crayola colored pencils 30 count (girls)
    1 pack of Twistables Crayola crayons 24 count (boys)
    1 pack (any size) of Crayola thin markers (girls)
    1 pack (any size) of Crayola thick markers (boys)
    1 box of tissues (girls)
    1 package of baby wipes (boys)
    1 hand sanitizer (girls)
    1 Ziploc bags gallon or quart (boys)
    *Please label with name (top right corner on folders)