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    Dear Fifth Grader, 


    My name is Mr. Ringer, and I will be your fifth-grade teacher this year. I hope that your summer is going great. It is about time to start looking forward to the exciting school year ahead of you. This year will be like no other. We will be starting a journey together to accomplish our very best while learning from home. At times this will be tough, at times we will have a blast. I know that I will be committed to helping you do your best and I hope that you are ready to show me all that you can accomplish.  I have many great things planned for reading, writing, math, science, social studies and other subjects too!  

    I am so excited to explore the interesting topics of study that we have in front of us. I am also ready to challenge your fifth-grade mind to think differently, ask meaningful questions, and show that you are a citizen of our class, school, town, state, country and world. Together we will explore what we are capable of and have fun in the process.  

    I want to give you your first assignment for fifth grade. As a fifth grader learning from home, it is your job to establish the workspace that you will be using this year. This space is crucial to your success. You need a good size desk, a comfortable chair, good lighting and space for your school supplies. Feel free to personalize your space with a picture or two, a place for a drink, maybe a small toy to hold while you are listening to lessons.  Last year many students joined their classes from their couch or bed, these spots are not ideal to stay focused, contribute to the class or do our best work. Ask your parents to help you establish this spot in your home so we can succeed together.  

    I hope that you are just as excited as I am for this year to begin. I cannot wait to get to know each one of you over the upcoming school year. For now, please put down this letter, get your towel and your flip-flops, and go enjoy the rest of your summer while the weather is still beautiful. Be ready to work hard in September and we will all have a great year together!  



    This is obviously quite a different letter than I am used to writing to the students and parents in my class during the summer months. I want to assure you that I will do everything I can to make this year a success. We have already made the mutual decision to embark on elearning together. While I am excited at the prospect of all the great things we can do, it will be a constant learning experience for all of us, and I am looking forward to working together to make the school year a success.  

    As I explained to your child in the beginning of this letter, the most important way to help your child succeed in this new method of learning will be to set up a consistent, quiet, well-lit workspace in your home. This workspace should accommodate a computer, school supplies, and some space for them to complete their work. Please refer to the supply list on my classroom website to ensure your child is prepared with all the materials necessary for the different learning we will be doing. Each fifth grader will be assigned a tablet computer to use. These tablets give us an exciting opportunity to learn each day and practice technological skills and responsibilities that are necessary for students today. I ask that you take some time to discuss this with your child. I want to make sure that this is a positive experience and that the students respect the physical equipment, as well as use responsible technology practices.  Having your support is invaluable in making this initiative, and everything we do this year, a success.  

    If you have any questions throughout the school year, the best way to reach me is by email at jringer@somersschools.org . I am excited to meet your children and work with them this year in fifth grade.  





    Jake Ringer