• Dear Fifth Grader,
    My name is Mr. Ringer, and I will be your fifth-grade teacher this year. I hope
    that your summer is going great. It is abouttime to start looking forward to the
    exciting school year ahead of you. We will be trying our best to have fun all year
    long, while learning as much as we possibly can! I have many great things planned
    for reading, writing, math, science, social studies and other subjects too!
    I am so excited to explore the interesting topics of study that we have in front
    of us. I am also ready to challenge your fifth-grade mind to think differently, ask
    meaningful questions, and show that you are a citizen of our class, school, town,
    state, country and world. Together we will explore what we are capable of and have
    fun in the process.
    I want to give you your first assignment for fifth grade. Please save a clean
    can that held corn or beans, etc. (about 16 oz.). Decorate the outside of the can with
    different symbols and pictures that represent you. You could have a picture of your
    family or pet, you could find stickers showing dance or horses, or your favorite
    sports team. Bring this can to school to represent you, and it will sit on your desk
    and hold pencils and other supplies you will need during the day.
    I hope that you are just as excited as I am for this year to begin. I cannot wait
    to get to know each one of you over the upcoming school year. For now, please put
    down this letter, get your towel and your flip-flops, and go enjoy the rest of your
    summer while the weather is still beautiful. Be ready to work hard in September and
    we will all have a great year together!
    I am looking forward to this year together. Open lines of communication are
    so important to our success, so feel free to contact me at jringer@somersschools.org
    if you have questions. I encourage that all students bring a healthy snack with
    them daily. It is important that the children replenish their energy during the day.
    Some healthy suggestions are crackers, granola bars, fruit, rice cakes, popcorn,
    pretzels, sliced vegetables/hummus, yogurt, etc. Since we do focus on the impact we
    have on the planet, I also encourage using reusable containers whenever possible.
    The kids will not be able to share snacks due to allergies and parent diet
    preferences. Please send a water bottle each day so your child stays well hydrated. I
    do not allow drinks other than water in the classroom.
    Please refer to the supply list on my classroom website to ensure your child
    is prepared with all the materials necessary for the learning we will be doing in
    class. This year, each fifth grader will be assigned an iPad to use in class. These iPads
    give us an exciting opportunity to learn technological skills and responsibilities that
    are necessary for students today. I ask that you take some time to discuss this with
    your child. I want to make sure that this is a positive experience and that the
    students respect the physical equipment, as well as use responsible technology
    practices. Having your support is invaluable in making this initiative, and
    everything we do this year, a success.