• Dear Student,


    Hi and welcome to the 5th grade! My name is Mrs. Sisca, and I will be your 5th
    grade teacher this year. I am Mrs. Salamone and I will be teaching with Mrs. Sisca. It is
    hard to believe that summer is almost over and another school year is just about to
    begin. We hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation so far. We cannot wait to hear
    all about your adventures. We are very excited to meet you and your classmates in
    September, and look forward to helping you have a fantastic final year at SIS.

    We have been very busy this summer preparing for everything that we will be doing
    together this year! In Social Studies, we will learn about the Western Hemisphere. Do
    you know where that part of the world is? In Science, we will be learning about
    chemical matter, the micro world, the human body, and the environment. In Math, we
    will continue to build on our strong foundation of skills, work on computation and word
    problems, as well as learn how to explain our mathematical thinking. Our last academic
    area is ELA. We will not only be learning new vocabulary and working on our spelling
    and grammar, but also our goal will be to continue to improve our reading and writing in
    preparation for the middle school next year!

    On the first day of school, we would like you to bring a few things! First, please bring
    your school supplies. Our class supply list is on our website. Secondly, you may bring a healthy
    snack (separate from lunch.) If you wish to bring a drink for your desk, we ask that you
    only bring water. Thirdly, please bring one book of your choice to read during
    independent reading time. And lastly, please bring in your ‘What’s In Your
    Bag?’ items (see below.)

    In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer! We look forward to meeting you and
    having an exciting year in 5th grade. See you soon!


    Mrs. Sisca & Mrs. Salamone




    We want to know about you! Please bring in a photograph of yourself (that we can
    keep and display on our “scholar” bulletin board) and four (4) items that represent
    some of the ideas below. The items must all fit inside a brown lunch bag (or another bag
    about that size). You may cut out pictures, draw things, write a few words, choose
    objects, or be creative and think of another way. Just make sure these items help us and
    your classmates learn about you!

    Here are some ideas that may represent you:

         • The sport I like best

         • What my family likes to do together

         • Some place I visited that I love

         • The best book I ever read

         • My favorite subject in school

         • What I do best

         • What makes me laugh

         • My favorite food

         • Something that scares me


    We will be bringing in our own items to share with you also. And remember, this is
    about you, so have fun!!


    Mrs. Sisca & Mrs. Salamone