• Ms. Cirieco's Supply Letter 23-24

    1 box of tissues


    1 package of baby wipes (girls)

    1 package of disinfecting wipes (boys)


    1 box of gallon size ziploc bags (girls)

    1 box of sandwich size ziploc bags (boys)

    1 box of colored pencils

    1 box of markers (thin tip)

    1 soft pencil case (please no hard cases, they take up too much space!)

    24 sharpened pencils

    5 blue pens

    2 highlighters

    1 box of thin tip expo markers (black)

    1 small piece of fabric or clean sock to be used as an eraser

    1 black sharpie

    5 folders (Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow).

    1 three subject notebook

    1 two subject notebook

    2 marble composition notebooks (100 pages each)

    (Encouraged, not required, to match notebooks with the colors above)

    A pair of headphones (earbuds are best for storage)

    5 packs of 3x3 post-its

    A book to read on the first day of school

    Thank you!