2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

      Dear Fourth Grader and Family,

      Hello and welcome to a new school year 😊. We are looking forward to the many exciting learning experiences we’ll be sharing in together!  Below you will find the supplies needed each day.  Please remember that you make sure to read the letter from your teacher.  Each teacher has a couple specific items that you will need, to ensure your success in 4th grade!


      Your fourth grade teachers


      Over-ear headphones (please no earbuds)

      Sharpened pencils

      Pencil sharpener

      1 pair scissors

      1 glue stick

      1 ruler

      2 highlighters

      Sharpened colored pencils

      2 packs of post its

      1 pack of expo markers

      1 eraser for expo markers (you can also use a sock)

      1 box of tissues

      1 box of wipes

      1 hand sanitizer


       In addition to the standard fourth grade supplies, please make sure the below items are part of your shopping list.


      1. (1) Spiral Graphing Notebook (graph paper)
      2. (5) Spiral One Subject Notebook
      3. (1) Large Pencil Case
      4. (1) Package of Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Wipes
      5. (1) Package of Multi-Colored Highlighters
      6. (1) Three Ringed 3” Binder with paper dividers
      7. Three Hole Puncher (They sell a thin one that can fit in front of your binder. Get one of these)