• Mrs. JacobellisSupply List 2023-24

     Please take all items out of packaging. Label with first/last name and room (A-4)


      • 3 composition notebooks 
      • 2 two-pocket folders (for in-class use)
      • headphones/earbuds (Place in sealed Ziploc bag with child’s name) 
      • Small supply box/case/bag  
      •  4 black dry-erase markers*  
      • two 24-count boxes of crayons (one for Art)
      • 2 highlighters* 
      • child size scissors 
      • large glue sticks* 
      • 3 post-it note pads (3” x 3”) *  
      • two boxes of sharpened pencils* 
      • one box of colored pencils
      • one pen of any color for correcting schoolwork* 
      • hand-held sharpener with receptacle 
      • personal hand sanitizer  
      • tissue box
      • package of wipes 
      • Additional items not included in PTA Pack
      • old, clean sock to be used as dry-erase eraser
      • 1 two-pocket folder (to be used as a Take Home Folder)
      • independent reading book (just-right book of child’s choice to use first few days of school)
      • A small flashlight for “Flashlight Friday”- only Mrs. Jacobellis ELA Class
      • Additional Box of tissues
      • Boys a box of Gallon Zip Locs and Girls a box of Sandwich ziplocs
      • A picture of you and your family
      • World Language Supplies 23-24
    • a pack of 100 blank 3x5 notecards
    • a box in which to store them
    • A folder

    Optional items:

    • small blanket/towel (for outdoor use to sit on)

    Forms for Parents/Guardians

    *Directory Form

    *About My Child

    If you will be seeing Mrs. Carroll for Reading and Math you will receive a separate list from her of additional supplies.

    Please be prepared to replenish items marked with an asterisk(*) as needed.  

    Class Directory

     Dear Parents,

    Each year, many parents express an interest in a class directory.  The directory will include the students’ names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  Many parents find this useful when they have questions about homework or other school activities.  It is also helpful in arranging playdates, etc. 

    Please fill out the form below and return as soon as possible, so that I may complete the directory as quickly as possible. You may email me a copy at kjacobellis@somersschools.org or send in a hard copy with your child.


    Mrs. Jacobellis

    Please complete the following information:


    Child’s Name____________________________________________


    Phone Number __________________________________________




    E-Mail Address __________________________________________




    Check all those that apply*


    _______ Please do NOT include my phone number in the directory.


    _______ Please do NOT include my e-mail address in the directory.


    *Your child’s name will be included in the directory either way, so that each family can have a complete class list.


    Parent’s Signature ________________________________________


    P.S.  I would like to use e-mail as a form of communication with you, as it is most convenient for me.  Please let me know if there are any additional emails addresses you would like me to add for my correspondence with you.