• Mrs. Jacobellis Welcome Letter 23-24              

    Rainbow heart 3rd grade.


                                                                                                                    Summer 2023

    Dear Third Grader,              

    I hope that you are having a great summer. Soon summer will be ending, and it will be time to start looking forward to an exciting new school year. I have been very busy here at SIS preparing our classroom. We will be trying our best to have fun all year long, while learning as much as we can! There are many great things planned for reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Third grade is a lot of FUN!


    I can’t wait to meet you and learn a lot about each and every one of you and what you did over the summer. My family had a fun summer spending a lot of time at the beach. Two beaches we visited are LBI and Fire Island. I Love LBI because of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Fire Island is my children’s favorite place because there are NO cars there and you have to take a ferry to get to the Island. We ride bikes and pull wagons to get around the island. Of course we also eat a lot of ice cream too!!


     I sent you a supply list that shows you all the items you will need for school.  There are a few additional items that were not included on the Third Grade Supply List. One of the items on the list is an “independent reading book”.  This should be a book of your choice and will be used for some of our reading work in the first days of school as we get to know you as a reader. Also, find a favorite photo of you and your family to share with the class one of the first days of school. We will put it on our class family wall. I added a photo of my family below from this summer.  I am also asking for a small towel or blanket that you can use to sit on when we work outside.  Please be sure to bring a healthy snack and water to school each day as well. It can be chilly in our classrooms so you may want to keep a sweatshirt in your bag. Lastly, I added papers for mom and dad to fill out with your supply list, this way they don’t have too much homework the first week of school.

               Some of you may visit another teacher for Language and Math everyday. Be on the lookout for a letter from her about any additional supplies and your day.

                    I hope that you are just as excited as I am for this year to begin. I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you. For now, please put down this letter, and go have some more summer fun! Go splash in the pool, eat some ice cream, ride your bikes and catch some fireflies!  Be ready to work hard! I will see you soon!

                 Your Teacher,

                  Mrs. Jacobellis

    Here’s a picture of my family!! Madeline is 19 years old and goes to Elon University in North Carolina, Tommy is 18 years old and starting college at Marist, and Meredith is 14 years old and starting High School at Mahopac.  They keep Mr. Jacobellis and I very busy with all their dance shows, lacrosse, football and volleyball games!