Mrs. Julie Witkiewicz (Wit-keh-wits)  

    Somers Intermediate School 

    240 Route 202 

    Somers, NY  10589 



    August 2021 


    Dear Girls, Boys, and Parents, 


    Hi! I hope you have had an awesome summer and are excited for your 4th grade year at SIS! I am eager to meet you and start the school year together! 4th grade will be lots of fun and hard work too. I know you are ready!  


    A general supply list for all 4th graders is posted on our class webpagebut YOU WILL ALSO NEED the following things for class: 

    • 7 additional folders: blue, yellow, purple, green, red, orange, 1 of your choice 
    • 3 composition notebooks (Please NO spiral notebooks.) 
    • 1 pencil case (Not too big or it won’t fit in your desk!) 
    • 8-10 pictures, drawings, and/or magazine cutouts that tell about you (We will use these to decorate your Writer’s Notebook.) 


    You need a chapter book on the 1st day and every day after that! We read EVERY day. We  

    set up notebooks and folders right away, so it is also helpful to have all supplies by the end of the first week of school. 


    Be sure to pack a healthy snack to help fuel your brain for all the thinking you will do. (Fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, etc. are some good choices. Please save chips and sweets for lunch.) 


    I can’t wait! 


    See you in September, 

    Mrs. W.J 


    ****Please put your child’s name on any important articles of clothing, etc. you’d like to come back home. **** Thank you! 

    Parents, If you happen to have any old magazines you no longer need/want, please send them in to our class to be used for projects. J