•  4th Grade General Supply List 23-24

    AS WELL AS: 

    Our Class Supply List

    Ms. Monteleone and Mrs. Brelesky Class Supply List 

    •  1 wide rule yellow legal pad  
    •  marble notebooks no spirals:

     (math, reading, writing)

    • 1 soft zippered pencil case to keep in desk
    • Dry Erase markers and eraser (or a sock)
    •  1 LARGE plastic or fabric accordion folder that zips closed

    (Globe-Weis 13-pocket Poly Check File from Staples is perfect)

    • GIRLS: 1 box SANDWICH SIZE Ziploc bags
    • BOYS: 1 box GALLON SIZE Ziploc bags
    • 1 shoe box sized bin for your EXTRA supplies