• school supplies

    Kindergarten Supply List 

    Mrs. Malley and Mrs. Kane 


    • 1 large box of tissues
    • 2 containers of baby wipes 
    • 6-12 glue sticks 
    • 1 box Crayola thick classic washable markers
    • 1 box Crayola thin classic washable markers 
    • 1 box Crayola crayons – 24 count 
    • 4 low odor black dry erase markers  
    • 1 pair of child sized headphones – not ear buds please (for use on the computers).  Please write your child's name on the headphones and put them in a Ziploc bag with your child's name written on it.
    • Backpack – when buying a backpack, please be sure that your child's lunchbox, folder and a separate snack bag will fit into their backpack.
    • Ziploc bags - Girls - please bring 1 box of gallon sized bags                                             
    •                    Boys - please bring 1 box of quart sized bags 

        **We will provide the children with folders.**