• Mrs. Gaudio’s Supply List 2021


    This year, each child will be keeping all supplies in his/her own desk.  The supply list below allows for replenishment as the year goes on, and some of these supplies will be kept at home. Please label all supplies with your child's name, including glue sticks. 


    Please send in the following on the first day:

    Extra masks in a labeled bag to keep in his/her backpack (just in case).

    1 bottom pocket plastic folder that will stay in school (I will give your child another "Take Home" folder that will travel back and forth)

    Child-friendly headphones (no earbuds, please) ~ Please take them out of their packaging, label with your child’s name and place in a zip-top gallon bag (also labeled with your child’s name!)

    1 backpack, large enough to hold these items daily: folder, lunch bag, snack bag, water bottle, ipad (provided by the district).

    Please place the supplies written in RED in your child's supply box and send to school on the first day.  Please keep other supplies at home to replenish when needed (I'll let you know)! 

     1 Large hard plastic Supply box (approx 5"x13")- please place the items in RED inside the box and send in on the first day!  

    2 dozen pencils with erasers-send in 4 sharpened pencils

    2 24 count Crayola crayons- send in one box

    2 thick and 2 thin "low odor" dry erase/Expo markers- send in all (any dark colors) 

    12 Elmer's small glue sticks- send in 5 

    1 child size scissor

    1 24 count colored pencils-sharpened (Keep at home for now)

    3 3 oz containers of Play Doh- send in one container


    Please send in the following over the course of the first week OR BRING TO YOUR CHILD'S SCREEINNG APPONITMENT:

    1 blank (unlined) sketch book 

    2 recent pictures of your child (without a mask, please), approximately 4x6.  This can be 2 copies of the same or 2 different! Please write your child's first and last name on back.  You can send these in your child's folder. 

    The following items are for community use:

    Boys: 1 package "Wet Ones" wipes 

    Girls: Hand soap 

    All: 2 packages of baby wipes

          1 box of tissues

          1 box "slider top" quart sized baggies