• school supplies

    FIRST GRADE: Mrs. Kegler's Community 


    ***Three packs of Post It Notes, any size, any color. We all share them!

    ***2 Fiskar child sized scissors labeled with your child's name. If you can get them with the blade guard on them that would be great!

    1 box thick Classic Washable Crayola Markers - 8ct

    6 large Elmer’s glue sticks

    1 highlighter

    1 bottom pocket folder used for Writing Workshop, NOT notes

    1 box Crayola colored pencils – 12ct

    headphones (not earbuds)

    ***Please send in one pictures of your child/ your child's face so that I can laminate it for  our "Zones of Regulation" small pocket chart.

    • 1 Package Baby Wipes (to be replaced monthly)

    • 1 Box of Tissues (to be replaced as needed

    • 1 gallon sized ZIPslide baggies and 1 quart Zipslide baggies.