• Welcome to Mrs. Keri Cash's First Grade Class!

    first grade

















    Dear First Grader and Family,

    Welcome to first grade! I am so happy you will be in my class this
    year. I hope you had a wonderful summer. I enjoyed spending time with my husband and son, Billy, this past summer.  Some of the things we did was go to the beach, the zoo, and hang out with our family and friends. It was defintely a summer I will never forget! I can’t wait to hear all about your summer vacation when I meet you. 

    The first few days of school we will be getting to know each other and learn classroom routines. On the first day of school, please bring a shoebox with 3-5 items that explains who you are as a person. It may be something you like, something that represents you, or something that shares what you did this past summer! Just remember, your items must fit in the box.

    I can't wait for an amazing year of fun and learning!



                                                                             Mrs. Keri Cash