• Reach for the Stars  

    Mrs. Cardona's 1st Graders are Reaching for the STARS!                              

    Dear Student, 

    I am so glad that you are in my class this year!  I hope you are enjoying the summer and I look forward to hearing all about it. I have been busy playing with my animals, getting together with family and friends and getting the classroom ready. Our first few days together will be filled with sharing, getting to know each other and the classroom routines.  I believe we can all learn from each other in so many ways and I can't wait to get our new 'team' working and exploring together. We are going to have so much fun learning!


    Dear Parent,

                  Working in partnership towards your child’s learning is very important to me.  Always feel free to contact me if you or your child has any question or concern.  It is always best to send me a note in his/her backpack folder or email me, but please understand I often do not get to read my email until mid/late-day. I will be sending home lots of information especially our first week. Please be sure to fill out the emergency school closing form and review the school information page. On the first day, I would appreciate you sending in two recent pictures of your child’s face (he/she should be approx. 2"x2") for me to use on the classroom word wall, please put his/her name on the back.

         Here is a list of some additional supplies your child will need (individual labeling is unnecessary since our classroom will be a sharing community however, attaching a label to the bag of supplies with your child’s name is helpful).  Also, please refer to the 1st grade supply list for additional materials although, I prefer small glue sticks and I do not need regular markerscolored pencils or a supply box.

    - 2 boxes of tissues

    - 3 boxes of hand wipes (more may be requested as the year progresses)

    - 2 bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel first names A-P; 1 bottle hand soap first names R-Z

    - 1 box of gallon size EASY Zip-lock food storage bags (with the zipper closure for easy use) first names A-M and 1 box quart size Easy Zip-lock food stroage bags names N-Z

    - 1 durable pocket folder with bottom pocket not side, labeled; ex., Kathy Lane (on Top Right corner)

    * Head Phones for the computers - no ear plug type please

    Kindly try to send in materials before the first day of school. This will make things much easier for your child's first day!


    See you soon,

    Mrs. Cardona