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    Thank you to Allison, Savannah, Phillip, Carolina, and Jack for writing great summer news stories!
    Welcome to the Tusker Tribune, the online student newspaper of Somers Middle School. Each week, our team of intrepid reporters sniff out stories and write about them. Everything from state tests to movie reviews to features--it's all reported on and uploaded to this cool site. The club is open to anyone who wants their writing published throughout the SMS community! 
    So if you're interested in NOT minding your own business, stop on by Room 305 any time and speak to  Mr. Pappas. If you have a story idea, that's even better! I'll give you a press pass, and off you go!
    The Tusker Tribune meets just about every Thursday from 3-4 in Room 305 (Bring your tablet to write stories!) But you don't have to attend the meetings. All you need to do is propose a story idea, and then go ahead and do it on your own time! All stories MUST be related to Somers Middle School in some way.
    Let the Power of the Press spread throughout the school! The people HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!!!!!!
    Mr. Pappas
    Tusker Tribune Club Advisor