• Homework: Tips and Tricks                                     Adapted From: http://www.teensadvisor.com/teen-schooling/homework.html

    It doesn’t matter what grade you are in; chances are you have some sort of homework. Do you find that you are struggling with completing homework assignments? We can help you in the Academic Support Center (room 221)! However, here are some useful tips and tricks to help you at home:

    Set the Mood

    Create a good study area with all the stuff you need (notebook, tablet, etc.). If you don't have a quiet place at home, try the school or local library. *Hint: The Support Center is a great place if you need a quiet spot to work.

    Know Where to Begin

    Make a prioritized list of everything you need to do so you can't use "I don't know where to start" as an excuse. Just don't over-schedule yourself. Without some flexibility, you'll set yourself up to fail.

    Study at the Same Time Every Day

    Even if you don't have homework, use the time to review notes. If homework is something you accept as part of your day, you'll approach it with less dread. Plus, you'll become a pro at using time productively!

    Know what it's Worth

    Know how much weight each assignment or test carries and start with those worth the most points.

    Get More Involved

    Ever feel like you can't stay awake to read something, let alone process it? Keep your mind from wandering by taking notes, underlining sections, discussing topics with others, or relating your homework to something you're studying in another class. 

    Organize the Information

    People process information in different ways. Some people like to draw pictures or charts to digest information while others like to read out loud or make detailed outlines. Try to find the best methods that work for you. Ask your teacher or come to the Academic Support Center for recommendations if you're having trouble.

    Take Advantage of Any Free Time

    If you have a study hall or a free period, use the time to review notes, prepare for an upcoming class, or start your homework. Remember: you can get a pass to come to the Success Center during study halls. If you find that you can’t focus in the study hall environment, come visit us! 

    Study with a Friend

    Unless it's too distracting, get together with friends and classmates to quiz each other, compare notes, and predict test questions.

    Celebrate Your Achievements

    Reward yourself for hitting milestones or doing something well. For example, if you do all of your homework on time, give yourself some time for social media, gaming, or reading for fun!

    Finally, as a high school aged student, you must seek help from your teachers when you need it. In addition to your teachers, you have a school counselor and other school support staff (like the Academic Support Center) to help you as well. A big part of academic and personal success in high school is making connections with adults and routinely asking for help.