• FAQ's


    Q:  How many School Resource Officers will be at school each day?

    A:  All four buildings will have one Westchester County police officer assigned on each day class is in session.  Each will be fully armed and will have a marked police vehicle.

    Q:  Does each school have a single point of entry with a security vestibule?

    A:  All exterior doors to school buildings are locked after student arrival.  All visitors must enter through the main entrance of the school during the day.  SHS and SIS currently have security vestibules, and we anticipate construction to begin on the SMS and Primrose vestibules in the fall of 2018.

    Q:  What types of safety training are provided to staff?

    A:  There are lock down and evacuation drills which are both announced and unannounced to staff and students, some staff members attend safety workshops at PNW BOCES or law enforcement agencies.  Prior to the first day of class, all full and part-time staff will have taken place in a “Civilian
    Response to Active Shooter training” which is facilitated by Westchester County police officers.  Bus drivers and monitors receive training on how to respond to threats on the bus and at school.  There are eight half days incorporated into the school calendar next year which will allow for additional opportunities to refresh teachers and support staff on safety procedures.

    Q:  What is being done to secure schools after hours?

    A:  Each school will have a security guard on hand after dismissal.  The security guards will monitor the flow of traffic in and out of the building.  The security guards will perform safety sweeps of the interior of the building.  The front doors will be locked during these sweeps.

    Custodians are trained to sweep each school at night at the end of their shift as well as in the morning at the beginning of their shift.

    Q:  Does the district have security cameras?

    A:  There are security cameras located in each building.  Some cameras are positioned in the interior while others in the exterior.  The number of cameras has increased over the past several years.

    Q:  Will students receive safety training?

    A:  All students take part in lock down and evacuations drills.  Teachers engage in developmentally appropriate discussions with students regarding school safety.  In the coming school year, teachers and school resource officers will begin further discussion and training with students in regards to the “Civilian Response to Active Shooter training”.