• Safety and Security

    Dear Families,

    The safety and security of our students and employees are of utmost importance in the Somers Central School District. We conduct daily assessments of our security operations, coordinate with area law enforcement, fire and ambulance agencies to make sure we are following best practices and safety trainings, and collaborate with the four School Resource Officers from the Westchester County Police Department.

    I bring 28 years of law enforcement experience to Somers schools and I am committed to keeping it safe for all students, staff, and the entire community.


    Dan Corrado
    Safety and Security Coordinator

    Mailing Address:
    Somers Central School District
    Office of Human Resources
    P.O. Box 620
    Lincolndale, NY 10540

    Contact information: (914) 277-3399 x3869

  • Dan

    Dan Corrado

  • School Resource Officers

    HickeyOfficer Matt Hickey
    Somers High School
    (914) 248-8585 x4002



    Officer Jessie Maracallo
    Somers Middle School
    (914) 277-3399 x5409

    Kat CristianoOfficer Kathleen Cristiano
    Somers Intermediate School
    (914) 277-4344 x2002


    Brian Pavletich Officer Brian Pavletich
    Primrose Elementary School
    (914) 248-8888 x1002