These instructions are being provided for staff and students who currently have documents stored on the old "Somers Tuskers" Google domain.  Starting October 1st, 2018 these documents will no longer be accessible. Users are encouraged to save any needed documents.  
    There are several ways to save your documents from Google Docs.  You can use Google Takeout to transfer your documents to use with another account. This will create an archive of all your data in a local format. In other words, Docs files will be converted to .docx files, and Sheets will be converted to Excel format. However, once your new account has been set up, it's easy to convert all these back to Docs format by adjusting your upload settings in Drive to automatically convert them.
    Changing ownership of each individual file will not only be tedious but it will also take a while to do, particularly if you have many files, since you first must share each file with your new account, and then, once the share is complete and confirmed, change the ownership.
    You can read more about Google Takeout here: Download Your Data.