• College Visits


    Nearly 200 college and military visits took place in the College and Career Center during the 2017-2018 school year and we have many visits already scheduled for Fall 2018!  Students are invited to speak with college and military representatives during their visits, which typically begin during the second week of September and are scheduled during periods 2-9 at the colleges representatives' convenience. 


    Visits are advertised on Naviance (under the college tab), on the College and Career Center website calendar, on the morning announcements, on the Weekly Bulletin, on the College and Career Center whiteboard, and on any posters the college chooses to send for display.  A weekly email will also be sent out to Seniors and their parents listing visits scheduled for the following week. 


    Interested students should register to attend visits in Naviance by viewing the upcoming visits under the college tab and clicking “sign up” for any visit they would like to attend.  If a visit is scheduled during a student’s class period, a signed pass from the classroom teacher must be turned in to the College and Career Center at the beginning of the visit period.  Students must also sign in anytime they attend a college or military visit for attendance purposes. 


    During the visits, students can expect to learn a lot about the college in an informal setting.  Mrs. Tracy and another counselor will be on hand for each visit to facilitate the conversation.  Admission representatives typically provide information on academics and majors offered, athletics and extracurriculars, housing and campus life, and the admission and financial aid processes.  They also welcome questions from students.  The added benefit of attending college visits is that the visiting representative is often the first person who will review our students' applications if they choose to apply.  Meeting and connecting with him/her can be one way for students to demonstrate interest in the college. 


    If you are unable to attend a visit for a college you are interested in learning more about, please stop by the College and Career Center.  Most colleges provide reference materials, as well as the admission representatives' contact information, which you are welcome to take.