• Please click here to download and print the Absentee Ballot Application

    You must first complete an application to receive an absentee ballot.  You may mail in your application to the address on the application, or you may bring it in to the district clerk's office at Somers Middle School, 250 Route 202, Somers, NY  10589

    Once the absentee ballot application is received by the district clerk, a ballot will be mailed to the address specified on the application, after the voter is verified by the district clerk as a registered voter.  If application is brought into the district clerk's office, a ballot will be handed to the registered voter directly.  A ballot may not be given to anyone other than to the voter. 

    The last day an absentee ballot may be mailed to a registered voter is Tuesday, May 14th - Absentee ballot applications must be received on or before this date (May 14th) in order for ballot to be mailed.  However, registered voters may personally come into the district clerk's office for an absentee ballot up until 4 p.m. Monday, May 20th. 

    If you have any questions, please call District Clerk Nancy Corrado at 914-277-2403.  Thank you.