•             Laura Lee Ehrgott
        Laura Lee Ehrgott
       Manager of Technology Services
       Corstar Communications, LLC

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  • Mission:

    We the SCSD Technology Services team will inspire, lead and support our learning community by providing technical support opportunities so that our students may become independent forward thinkers in a global society. We will empower others by modeling the personalization of technology.


    All users will be confident users of technology…wiling to expand their knowledge base and learning in new directions. We will create and support an environment of users that will:        

                -Take ownership and respect for scsd technology
                -Foster creative and critical thinking
                -Stay current in available technology
                -Model responsible, ethical and professional use of technology
                -Model an open mind to change
                -Provide technology to students that is available, enhanced and
                 improve their learning  


                   We believe that interpersonal connections are essential to support our
                   mission and vision. As a result, we will:

    -Maintain a personal commitment to keep up to date on our own knowledge
    -Document and share with our learning community new learning and approaches
    -Document and share-Excellent reputation that students were provided with the tools  
     and support needed to succeed
    -Facilitate open communication between tech team, students, faculty, and community
    -Place response to learning needs above all else

                   We believe that resource availability is essential to support our mission
                   and vision. We are committed to:
                                  -Ensuring all hardware, software and services are up to
                                   date in order to minimize downtime
                                  -Designing and implementing user interfaces that are
                                    available, reliable and consistent

    Our Team:

    Wolfgang Englisch
    Senior Network Engineer (Corstar)
    Zachary Glaser 
    Jr. Network Engineer (Corstar)
    Laura Snetzko
    Technical Support Specialist (MS, IS)

    Steven Gunther
    Technology Support Specialist (HS,PS)  (Corstar)


    Michelle Stevens 
    User Experience Specialist (Corstar)

     Building Computer Aides:
    HS - Cathie Elliot, John Masterson, Ashley Piqueras
    MS - Ron Tan, Cheryl Astrologo
    IS - Marie See
    PS - Kathleen Verdino 
  • Somers Middle School
    250 Rt. 202
    Somers, NY 10589
    P: (914) 277-3998 
    F: (914) 277-4380 
    Office Hours:
    M-F  7:30am-4:00pm 
    Need help?
    Please send 
    an email to: