Dear Somers Community Member,

    On behalf of the Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, and all the children of Somers, I want to thank you for your support in passing the 2021-2022 school budget with 78% of the vote and the energy performance contract passed with 77% of the vote. The two Board of Education seats will be filled by Heidi Cambareri and Nick Mancini. 

    This has been a year with many challenges, and I am so proud of our collaboration as a district and a community. Our work has positioned us well to move into the next school year with renewed purpose and commitment to providing the best possible experience for our students. We will do that with a strong focus on providing extra support for all students in the areas of academics, as well as social and emotional wellness.

    Thank you for your continued partnership in enhancing the lives of our children and moving this amazing district Forward in Excellence. 

    Thank you for entrusting your children and their education to us.


    Dr. Raymond H. Blanch

    Superintendent of Schools

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Headlines & Features

  • Dancing Towards Graduation

    Seniors who completed their two-year International Baccalaureate dance course put on a recital in the auditorium for some of their peers and faculty. For the last two years, these students have been working on their physical fitness in this Phys Ed/IB class as they studied various types of dances and cultures. In their recital, students performed the dances they choreographed themselves as part of the work submitted to the IB for scoring. They began with American pop culture phenomenon Michael Jackson's Thriller, followed by some solo performances and group numbers influenced by their lessons in Latin Dance, Bollywood and Ukrainian Dance. The student dancers learned to compare and contrast dance styles across geography and history. Watch the group performance here.

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  • Learning Center Students Inducted into Middle School Honor Society

    Two students from the PNW BOCES Learning Center Program at Somers Middle School were among the 85 sixth grade students inducted into the National Junior Honors Society this month. “My parents were really proud,” says Maggie del Puerto-Vitti, who was inducted along with classmate Francisco Duran. Students are invited to apply for the NJHS based on their excellence in leadership, scholarship, attendance, effort, and character. Seventy-nine seventh-grade students and 74 eighth-grade students were inducted this year as well.

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  • Another First Day of Class

    Some students at Primrose Elementary and Somers Intermediate School had another first day of school in early June. “It felt like Christmas morning!” says a second-grade student. Since the start of the school year, all classes in the elementary schools were divided into two rooms. Each room had 10 to 12 students, and the teacher and teaching assistant used Zoom to communicate with the whole class, while walking back and forth between the rooms. That changed recently for a few classes that moved back into their original classrooms. “I feel happy,” says eight-year-old Charlotte Mitchell. “Today is the first day since the first day of second grade that our class is all together. We used to see the kids from the other side only sometimes, if we went out for snack and recess. Now we can see them in the same classroom all day.”

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  • Getting Oriented in Person

    Moving from one school to the next can be intimidating, but many of the second-grade students at Primrose Elementary School are feeling more secure after in person orientation visits to Somers Intermediate School, where they will begin third grade in the September. “It is not so scary, now that I have been here and walked around,” says Anchit Shankar. Last year’s third grade orientation was done entirely online after the buildings were closed to do COVID-19. “It was a shame we couldn’t do this last year,” says Liz Turner, the intermediate school principal. “There is value in getting familiar with the school building, with our routines, and understanding that there are so many similarities to Primrose. It helps to alleviate a lot of the nerves.”

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